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Europe’s First Gulf Chamber of Commerce to Open in Riyadh Boosting Trade and Partnerships

Strategic partnerships between the EU and GCC countries

The European Union is gearing up to open the Gulf region’s very first Chamber of Commerce in Riyadh next week, according to the EU’s special representative for the Gulf region speaking to Arab News.

Luigi Di Maio shared his excitement for this new venture, highlighting its goal of bringing Saudi and European businesses closer together to enhance trade and collaboration.

“We’ve worked closely with the Ministry of Investment and your Ministry of Trade, along with the EU delegation in Riyadh. Now, we are ready to kick off this chamber,” Di Maio stated.

This initiative aims to strengthen connections between companies from both regions, allowing them to seize the many opportunities offered by programs like Vision 2030, the European Green Deal, and Next Generation EU.

Di Maio pointed out how Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 has transformed how the world sees the Kingdom, attracting interest from global businesses.

“The Kingdom’s economic goals are reshaping its global image, drawing attention from a growing business community,” Di Maio explained. “This vision, combined with Saudi Arabia’s increasing influence, makes it a key player in the region.”

He stressed the importance of strategic partnerships between the EU and GCC countries, particularly with Saudi Arabia, in promoting stability and peace efforts in the region.

As Europe and Riyadh unite to launch this historic Chamber of Commerce, they pave the way for a new chapter of cooperation and economic prosperity in the Gulf.