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Empowering Local Talent: Saudi Arabia Advances Saudization in Consulting Services

On March 25, Saudi Arabia took a significant step by moving into the second phase of a plan to increase jobs for its citizens in the consulting sector. This phase includes jobs in financial, engineering, health, and management consulting, covering 40% of such roles. This effort is part of the country’s larger goal to provide better job opportunities across Saudi Arabia.

Key Professions Under the New Phase

Professions targeted in this phase include:

By localizing these positions, Saudi Arabia aims to use more of its national talent in these important areas.

Collaborative Efforts and Objectives

The government is working with various organizations, like the Ministry of Finance and the Human Resources Development Fund (HADAF), to make sure these jobs go to Saudi nationals. This initiative is not just about creating jobs but making sure these jobs are meaningful and contribute to the country’s growth.

Incentives for Private Sector Participation

The government is offering incentives to private companies to hire Saudi citizens. These incentives include help with finding, training, and keeping Saudi employees in their jobs. This support aims to make it easier and more attractive for companies to participate in this national effort.

Compliance and Regulation

To guide businesses through this new phase, the government has published a guide detailing how to focus on hiring locally. Companies are encouraged to follow these new rules to avoid any penalties, ensuring a smooth transition to a workforce that includes more Saudi nationals.

As Saudi Arabia continues on its path of socio-economic reform, the expansion of Saudization into consulting services represents a strategic move towards self-reliance, sustainability, and enhanced economic participation of its citizens, aligning with the nation’s broader vision for the future.