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Saudi Arabia Welcomes Back Former Banned Residents with End of 3-Year Visa Expiry Ban

The Passport General Directorate (Jawazat) issued a directive on Tuesday, January 16th, allowing Former Banned Residents who didn’t return before their exit and reentry visas expired to enter again. This applies to all departments, including those at land, sea, and airports.

Previously, foreign workers who left Saudi Arabia and didn’t come back in time were banned for three years. This ban is now removed.

This policy was initially enforced following demands from local businessmen because late returns led to financial losses and disruptions in business operations, including extra costs for residency and work permits, and return tickets.

Former Banned Residents must pay all traffic fines. They shouldn’t have any issues with previous visas. They need to be in Saudi Arabia when applying. Their passports should be valid for at least 90 days. Their fingerprints must be registered.

The banned residents can now return to Saudi Arabia, resume their jobs, or explore new opportunities, providing relief for those previously separated from their jobs and families.

Expats should be aware of the new rules, and businesses should prepare to welcome back their workers, offering a fresh start for many in Saudi Arabia. This change is expected to help both expatriates and local businesses in Saudi Arabia.

As we witness these changes unfold, it’s a key moment for stakeholders to engage in discussion and partnership, ensuring a seamless shift into this new era of labor mobility in Saudi Arabia.

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