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Empowering Saudi nationals to shape the future of workforce localization

Empowering Saudi nationals to shape the future of workforce localization.

A New Era for Saudi Workforce

Minister for Transport and Logistics Services Saleh Al-Jasser emphasized, “Saudi Arabia is presenting aviation investment opportunities that are unmatched globally. Our Saudi Aviation Strategy aims to triple passenger numbers, connect to over 250 destinations, and handle 330 million passengers and 4.5 million tonnes of cargo by 2030.”

Minister for Investment Khalid Al-Falih highlighted, “Saudi Arabia is the world’s new investment hub, targeting $3.3 trillion in investments by 2030. Aviation is a key sector driving the Kingdom’s broader economic transformation. The aviation investment showcase offers investors unparalleled access to participate in this transformative journey.”

Expanding Reach for Big Enterprises

This phase focuses on large enterprises, which are now tasked with meeting the ministry’s localization targets. This vision is set to broaden further; starting December 1, the initiative will encompass businesses of all sizes, paving the way for a more inclusive and dynamic workforce.

Boosting Jobs for Saudi Talent

Central to this initiative is an inspiring goal: to create more job opportunities for Saudi men and women. By diligently monitoring and ensuring compliance with localization percentages, the ministry is dedicated to opening doors to a brighter future for the workforce. This aligns with broader efforts to enhance employment and build a resilient economy.

Broad Impact

This ambitious plan spans a wide array of contracts with government agencies and companies with at least 51% state ownership. From city cleaning and road maintenance to catering and IT services, enterprises involved in these contracts must now upload their contract data via the Qiwa platform. This unified approach ensures every sector contributes to the goal of empowering local talent and fostering sustainable growth.

By streamlining the process and setting clear targets, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development is enhancing the operational efficiency of public entities and ensuring that growth and development benefits are shared by the local workforce. This initiative exemplifies a collective commitment to building a stronger, more vibrant Saudi Arabia.