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Qatar Implements New Policies For Residency And Visit Visas


Doha’s Ministry of Interior has recently improved rules for residents’ families in Qatar to enhance services and support: Residents reuniting with families. Expats exploring job opportunities with family sponsorship. Families planning extended visits.

Sponsorship Criteria for Residency

To be eligible for family sponsorship, employees need to meet criteria in their work contracts, including salary and housing details. Government and semi-government workers require family housing or a salary of QR10,000 minimum. Private sector employees in technical fields need a salary of QR10,000 or QR6,000 with family housing.

Family Sponsorship Guidelines

To be eligible for family sponsorship, children must be under 25 and unmarried. Mandatory health insurance for their entire stay is now required. Children of mandatory education age must be enrolled in licensed schools or provide proof of enrolment outside Qatar.

Family Visit Requirements

For family visits, residents must work in non-labor sectors, earning at least QR5,000. They also need accredited family housing. There’s no specific age restriction for visitors, but health insurance for their stay is now mandatory.