Saudi Arabia Receives Approved Destination Status from China

China has officially granted Approved Destination Status (ADS) by Saudi Arabia, effective July 1, 2024. This announcement follows Saudi Arabia’s participation in the second China roadshow and ITB China in Shanghai. This strategic move highlights Saudi Arabia’s commitment to becoming a key economic partner with China, opening up new opportunities in the tourism sector and

Saudi Arabia Offers Investors a $100 Billion Opportunity in Aviation

This month, the world’s largest aviation investors will converge in Riyadh for the Future Aviation Forum (FAF24), where Saudi Arabia will reveal over $100 billion in investment opportunities as part of its ambitious Saudi Aviation Strategy. Key Highlights: 1. Massive Investment Showcase: Airports: Over $50 billion earmarked for new and existing airport projects. Aircraft Orders:

Empowering Local Talent: Saudi Arabia Advances Saudization in Consulting Services

On March 25, Saudi Arabia took a significant step by moving into the second phase of a plan to increase jobs for its citizens in the consulting sector. This phase includes jobs in financial, engineering, health, and management consulting, covering 40% of such roles. This effort is part of the country’s larger goal to provide

Strategic Regional Headquarters Establishment in Saudi Arabia – RHQ Setup Simplified with Northman & Sterling

We understand the complexities of establishing a Regional Headquarters (RHQ) in Saudi Arabia. At Northman & Sterling, we will guide you through each step of the process, ensuring a smooth and successful RHQ set up. Here’s how we navigate your RHQ establishment in KSA: 1. Eligibility & Pre-Qualification: Assessing Your Company’s Fit: We will analyze