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HR Services in Saudi Arabia

Human Resource Consultation Services in Saudi Arabia require extensive knowledge on multiple fronts such as Saudi Arabian laws with regards to employment.  Visas, Compensation, Outsourcing, and Nitaqat planning etc.

Northman & Sterling provides end-to-end HR services in Saudi Arabia. Our basic scope of HR services includes:

Advice on work visas:

A work visa is a visa designed to allow those that live outside of Saudi Arabia the opportunity to come to the country for employment purposes.  The employer sponsors these visas.  This is a tedious and time consuming task for the employer as it requires registration with the Ministry of Labor in order for an immigration file opened.  This process can take 1-3 months just for the approval process.  When a company does this themselves issues may arise that delay the approval which in return delays the employee to come to Saudi Arabia. 

Compensation & Benefits:

Effectively running compensation and benefits is necessary to ensuring employee satisfaction and that all laws as well as other regulations are followed.  Compensation and benefits managers must have an extensive understanding of the organization’s compensation rules and benefits packages, and they need the ability to effectively explain them to employees. The ability to effectively communicate is paramount when it comes to discussing compensation.  Sometimes it is very difficult for an organization to find a well versed compensation and benefits manager so they have to look for experienced HR Services provider company.


The outsourcing definition is to get goods or services from an external or foreign provider, in place of an inner source.”   This has not been a widely used form of employment for much of the Middle East but that trend is changing.  Companies need to reduce capital and operating expenses while at the same time provide a more quality product or service.  This is sometimes extremely difficult if the staff on hand is not capable of performing certain functions necessary for upcoming projects.  Outsourcing is a viable option in this scenario but there are laws and regulations to follow when outsourcing in Saudi Arabia. 

Northman & Sterling as an HR services provider can be your partner to help run your core business smoothly as we take all the hassle away from you.

Nitaqat and Saudization Planning:

Finally, Nitaqat planning experience is mandatory when working with the Saudi Arabian government with regards to employees and employment opportunities.  The laws and regulations for this program are extensive but the program itself is extremely beneficial to Saudi Nationals who are seeking employment and for the companies operating in the Kingdom.

We have a proven track record for providing top-notch guidance and services. All our clients are always successful with acquiring work visas, managing compensation and benefits, outsourcing and following Nitaqat rules and regulations. Contact us for more information at