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Employee Outsourcing – Saudi Arabia

Outsource Your Workforce in Saudi Arabia

Expanding business to Saudi Arabia and managing employees brings both opportunity and challenges. We are committed to ensure that your business operates smoothly and efficiently during the expansion process.

While the responsibility for the success of your business lies with your employees, it can be difficult to navigate the staffing requirements of Saudi Arabia’s Saudization policy. This policy mandates that a specific number of Saudi nationals be employed by your business, which can be a complex and time-consuming task.

We assist with hiring talented Saudi nationals and diverse staff to ensure compliance with Saudization policy and maintain your Nitaqat status offering employee outsourcing service in Saudi Arabia to companies around the world. Our outsourcing services involve deploying workers on behalf of companies in Saudi Arabia with no local entity..

Outsource Employees Under Our Sponsorship

Foreign employees must be sponsored by a locally licensed and registered entity, which can be a problem for companies entering the Saudi Arabian market.

You will not have to go through the company formation process because we can serve as your PEO in Saudi Arabia. You also don’t need to understand the KSA Labor Laws because we will take care of any legal matters. Your employees will continue to be compliant throughout your activities.

As your sponsor Northman & Sterling will provide sponsorship to your employees, allowing them to legally work in Saudi Arabia

What We Offer

  • Employee Sponsorship

    Your employees will be under our sponsorship. We will provide visa and work permit.

  • Work Permit

    We simplify obtaining work permits for international individuals seeking employment opportunities in the Kingdom.

  • Payroll Management

    Employees will be under our payroll. Salaries & benefits will be transferred to them under Saudi Wage Protection law.

  • Admin Support

    We will assist the employees with their needs in KSA.

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Employee Outsourcing in Saudi Arabia is the ideal solution for your business needs. You can swiftly and successfully onboard staff using these services. As a result, you will avoid the time-consuming and risky process of establishing a local entity.

It takes time and money to set up a branch office or corporation in Saudi Arabia. With Northman & Sterling, entering Saudi Arabia is simple and easy. Without the hassle of opening a foreign branch office or subsidiary, we can assist you onboard your employees in KSA, manage admin issues and payroll, and make sure you’re in accordance with local regulations.

Contact us to experience exemplary service. With our comprehensive knowledge of Saudi local laws, we will become your local employer, allowing you to focus on your main business.

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