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UAE Launches 10-Year Passport for Citizens Aged 21 and Above

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The UAE has unveiled a significant update to its passport services, extending the validity of Emirati passports to 10 years for citizens aged 21 and above. This move, announced by the Emirates Passport Authority, follows a decision by the UAE Cabinet in March 2024, marking a substantial enhancement in the convenience and efficiency of travel documentation for Emiratis.

Why the 10-Year Passport Matters

The UAE passport is already recognized as one of the most powerful in the Arab world, providing extensive global mobility. The new 10-year validity period, doubling the previous five-year term, will further streamline travel for Emirati citizens, reducing the frequency of renewals and associated administrative tasks.

Implementation Details

According to the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security (ICP), the new service will be available starting tomorrow, July 8. The process for obtaining the new passport will follow the same established procedures and delivery channels as the current system, ensuring a seamless transition.

Citizens Share Their Views

Fatima Al Balooshi, a 26-year-old resident of Al Ain, highlighted the benefits of this update, sharing her experience of a quick 30-minute passport renewal at Dubai Airport. She emphasized how the extended validity will simplify life for her and her family, especially given their busy schedules.

Ahmed Khalifa, a 34-year-old Dubai resident, echoed this sentiment, praising the UAE’s long-standing commitment to policies that enhance convenience for its people. He believes the new 10-year passport will save time and effort for UAE citizens in the long run.

Official Statement

Major General Suhail Juma Al Khaili, Director General of Identity and Passports at the Authority, clarified that the 10-year passport is exclusively for citizens aged 21 and above, while the 5-year passport remains for those under 21.

How to Apply

UAE citizens can apply for the new 10-year passport through various convenient methods:

This initiative exemplifies the UAE’s ongoing efforts to enhance the quality of life for its citizens through progressive and thoughtful policy changes.