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Is your company considering expanding its operations in Belgium? Belgium is a favoured choice for global businesses, partly because of its highly efficient workforce. However, if you’re planning to relocate current employees or hire new staff from overseas, it’s crucial to ensure that all your team members possess the necessary visas and permits to work there in full compliance with the law.

Understanding Work Permit and Employment in Belgium

However, in specific instances, there’s no need to apply for employment authorization because some foreign nationals are exempt from the requirement for a work permit. Whether this exemption applies depends on the worker’s residency status and the expected duration of their employment in Belgium.

Considering Employment in Belgium? Discover the Range of Work Permit Options Available!

In Belgium, there are three main types of work permits accessible to people from other countries. These categories are as follows:

Work Permit Type A

To obtain this permit, applicants must have already possessed a Type B permit for four years within a continuous ten-year stay in Belgium. Type A permits have no expiration date.

Work Permit Type B

This permit allows foreign individuals to work in roles that cannot be filled by Belgian citizens. It is initially valid for one year, with the possibility of renewal.

Work Permit Type C

This permit is granted to students and other temporary visitors. Its validity is capped at one year.

The most commonly used work permit is the Type B permit, which is typically what employees will require. In addition to a work permit, employees will also need a residence visa to legally reside in Belgium.

Requirements for Acquiring Work Permit in Belgium

Belgium’s membership in the European Union (EU) grants nationals from other EU member states the privilege of working there without the need for a work permit. Similarly, citizens of the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland are also exempt from this requirement. However, individuals from outside these categories will need to secure a work permit.

In cases where foreign workers are involved, it becomes the responsibility of the employer to obtain a Type B work permit on their behalf.

Employees seeking to obtain a visa are typically required to submit the following documents:

Please note that these requirements may vary depending on the specific circumstances and type of visa being sought.