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Work Entry Visa

We help individuals seeking employment opportunities obtain the Work Entry Visa and pursue career growth in UAE.

Requirements for UAE Work Entry Visa

Individuals need to have a job offer or sponsorship from a registered company or employer in the UAE.

Applicants should possess a passport with a minimum validity of six months.

A required signed job contract with terms, salary, benefits, responsibilities, and employment duration details.

Applicants may require verified educational certificates and qualifications, depending on the job’s nature.

Applicants may be required to undergo a medical examination to ensure they meet the health standards set by UAE authorities.

Some professions or industries may require applicants to obtain a security clearance or No Objection Certificate (NOC) from relevant authorities.

Recent passport-sized photographs meeting UAE visa photo requirements must be submitted.

A completed visa application form provided by the employer, should be submitted along with other documents.

Eligibility Criteria for UAE Work Entry Visa

Employment Offer

Applicant needs valid job offer from registered UAE employer authorized to hire foreign workers.

Skillset and Qualifications

Applicant's skills, qualifications, and experience must align with the UAE job's requirements.

Clean Criminal Record

Applicant should not have a history of serious criminal offenses or immigration violations.

Health Requirements

Applicant must meet UAE health authorities' health criteria for physical fitness to work in-country.

Financial Capacity

Applicants may need to show financial stability to support themselves during their UAE stay.

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Family Entry Visa - Bringing Loved Ones Together

We understand the importance of living together with family. Hence, provide assistance to the residents to sponsor their immediate family members for a temporary stay in the country so they may create cherished memories in the UAE.

Requirements for UAE Family Entry Visa

The sponsor must be a legal resident of the UAE with a valid residency visa and a stable financial standing.

  1. The sponsor can apply for the Family Entry Visa for the following family members:
    • Spouse: Husband or wife.
    • Children: Biological or adopted children, including stepchildren.

Parents: Sponsor’s parents (requirements may vary for sponsoring parents).

The sponsor should meet the minimum salary criteria set by the UAE government, which may vary depending on the emirate.

The sponsor must provide proof of suitable accommodation that meets the family’s needs.

A comprehensive health insurance policy that covers the family members during their stay in the UAE is mandatory.

The sponsor needs to submit a completed application form for the Family Entry Visa.

Clear copies of the sponsor’s and family members’ passports are required.

Recent passport-sized photographs of the sponsored family members are necessary.

For sponsoring a spouse, a valid marriage certificate attested by the relevant authorities is essential.

If sponsoring children, their birth certificates should be submitted and attested.

Eligibility Criteria for Family Members


The spouse should be legally married to the sponsor, and the marriage should be recognized by the UAE authorities.


Children should be below a certain age limit (usually 18 years old) and must be financially dependent on the sponsor.


Sponsoring parents usually requires demonstrating that they are financially dependent on the sponsor and do not have any other means of support.

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