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Golden Visa-UAE

Are you considering applying for a UAE Golden Visa?

The UAE offers the prestigious Golden Visa to international professionals, including investors, entrepreneurs, and individuals with extraordinary talents who contribute to key sectors through their work, innovation, and success.
If you wish to secure a long-term renewable residency visa and experience a perfect work-life balance in one of the world’s most stunning destinations, allow us to assist you.

Premium Benefits of Golden Visa

1.   Entry Visa for Six Months with Multiple Entries

2.  Renewable Residence Visa for 5 or 10 Years

3.  Independent Sponsorship Privilege

4.  Access banking services and set up businesses in the UAE.

5.  Extended Stay Outside UAE

6.  Family Sponsorship

7.  Unlimited Domestic Helper Sponsorship

8.  Continued Family Residency

9.  Prime discounts on annual health insurance plans

10.   Exclusive payment options and Licensing services

Who is eligible for UAE Golden Visa?

Real Estate Investors

Individuals investing Dh2 million and above are eligible for the Golden Visa. The new rule now includes investors buying property through a mortgage from a local bank or purchasing off-plan properties.

Exceptionally Talented Individuals

This category benefits talented foreigners in various fields like art, culture, digital technology, sports, innovation, medicine, law, and more. The 10-year visa is solely awarded based on talent, irrespective of educational qualification, employment status, salary, or professional level. Approval from a federal or local government entity is required.


Exceptionally talented students with high scores in UAE secondary schools or universities can apply for the 10-year visa. Additionally, those who studied at the world's top 100 universities are also eligible.


Startup investors can obtain the Golden Visa if their company is registered in the UAE and falls under the small and medium enterprises (SME) category with annual revenues of Dh1 million or above.


Scientists and researchers with a PhD or Master's degree in engineering, technology, life sciences, or natural sciences from the world's best universities can apply for the visa, provided they have a recommendation from the Emirates Scientists Council.

Skilled Workers

Applicants must hold a valid employment contract in the UAE, with their job falling under occupational level one or two as defined by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation. The minimum monthly salary requirement has been reduced to Dh30,000 compared to the previous Dh50,000, and the worker must have a bachelor's degree.

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Our team of experts will assess your eligibility for a UAE Golden Visa and guide you in selecting the most suitable category. We will manage the entire process, enabling you to swiftly enjoy the privileges of a UAE Golden Visa.

How to Apply for UAE Golden Visa?

The application process for UAE Golden Visas is easy and uncomplicated.

Obtain Your Entry Visa to the UAE

If you require a visa to enter the UAE, you can obtain an entry visa before submitting your official application. The authority will assess your application, and if approved, you will receive a multiple-entry visa valid for six months.

Fulfill Your Investment Requirement

Ensure you complete your investment and gather all the necessary supporting documents before submitting your application.

Initiate Your Application

Once your investment is complete, you can begin the application process. Applications can be submitted in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, and there is also the option to apply online through the designated portal.

Following the submission, you will receive updates on your application status via text message and email.

If any required documents are missing from your application, you will have 30 days to provide them; otherwise, your application will be canceled.

If all necessary documents are included and complete, you will be notified of the approval, and the approved application will be sent to you via email.

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